Top Ten Books/Characters That Inspire Me

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This week: 

Ten Books That Feature Characters: that inspire me 

Melody cannot walk or talk caused by cerebral palsy. Even though Melody cannot talk the reader is reading from her perspective, and we get to see what is going on in her mind. This books is heartbreaking, inspiring, and above all else eye opening. 

Lysa TerKeurst inspires me as woman in general, but she really inspired me when I learned she wrote Uninvited while going through her divorce. 

Just about all the characters in The Hunger Games inspire me. They had to make sacrifices and choices that I could never imagine doing. They were in the midis of a upraise, and were inspiring in the processes. 

I HAVEN'T READ THE LAST BOOK, so this is coming from the first two. I love how Lara Jean doesn't let anyone change her. She grows at her own pace, and she doesn't work hard on trying to be popular. Instead she works hard to be the person she wants to be. She strives to grow and mature not to reach the status Que 

Veronica fights to have the job she has always desires. She is hardheaded, independent, and has a heart of gold. She may not want everyone to know it, but she truly does. Mckenna is strong and lovable. She doesn't let anything put doubt in heart about herself, the people she loves, or her faith in their creature. I just love these two girls and their friendship. 

Oh my goodness I don't think I can explain how all of these characters inspire me. They all have troubles and problems, but they fight through them. They never give up fighting to live or on one another. I seriously get teary eyed just thinking about it. 

These women have battled depression, anxiety, miscarriages, and traumatic childhoods. I look up to these ladies in so many ways for their bravery and strength. 

  Again this is a series that all the main characters are amazing and inspiring. I love how each book gives another character to look up to. 

I mean, I don't think I have to say anything about this one right? 

Kestrel is so intelligent, and she uses her wits and minds to play the political games. I love how she shows that you don't have to always be the strong physical female character. Your mind can be your greatest weapon. 

That my friends is my list of books that feature characters that inspire me.  I would love to see your list so please leave your links in the comments =) 
Happy reading y'all, 

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