Sip & Read: Fall Cider Recipe

In my neck of the woods, we are suppose to start getting fall like weather next week, so I am gearing up. One of my go to for lazy Saturday is a good book, fuzzy blanket, and my fall cider. Today I thought it would be fun to share the recipe with you. This cider is a must in my home for cozy nights in, Halloween,Thanksgiving, and really any other reason we can think of. 

The best part is this cider is beyond easy. You seriously just throw a few things in the crock pot and you're done! It's so easy I was worried it wouldn't be good, but it's a fall staple in our house now. 

8 cups of apple juice 
6 cups of orange juice 
4 whole cloves 
(I put mine in a tea ball diffuser so I don't have to fish them out)
3 cinnamon sticks 

Put all ingredients in the crock pot 
Turn the crockpot on low for about 1 hour
After the hour has come and gone you can put the crock pot on simmer for the rest of the day.

Tip: This cider taste amazing the day after. If you have any left put the leftovers in the fridge. 
In the morning put the cider back in a clean crock pot or just warm up a single serving in a cute mug. 

Serve with a good book, blanket, and cookies

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Let me know if you try the cider. Do you have any go to fall recipes that hand in hand with a great read? If so, please share! =)
Happy reading y'all,