Top Bookish Memories Autumn Edition

I LOVE reading in the fall. All my favorite genres fit for the darker/cooler months. Fantasy and paranormal reads come alive in these crisp months. Blankets, cozy sweaters, and hot cups of tea become a must have essentials for reading time. I mean how does it get any better? 

Today I wanted to talk about some of the best autumn memories I have that relate to books.

I started Twilight honestly to pass the time during weekend car rides. My family use to have to drive every weekend to Boone North Carolina. To say a 15 year old girl was not happy about this was being nice. I remember reading this book in the backseat, and passing the most breathtaking views I had ever seen. The trees were vivid in their new fall colors (or fall dresses my mom loves to say). The mountain views, the crisp air, and the darker rainy days set the perfect atmosphere for Twilight. It felt like if I looked hard enough I could see one of the characters hiding in the thick forests we would pass. Every time I finished a book I would make my parents GPS the nearest bookstore, and we would make a detour just to get my book. 12 years later and these memories still hold dear to my heart. 

I try to read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets every fall. I think out of all the HP books, this is the best one to read during this time of year. I have started a NEW tradition to go along with it. Last year I found out that Starbucks makes a butter-beer latte! You can get it hot or cold, but I personally love the hot version best. Save the recipe on your phone, and just show it to them if they aren't familiar with it. You can find the recipe here. 

PS: I have tried many different recipes and the one above is by far my favorite. 

Fun fact about me, I took school VERY seriously in college (well up till my senior year anyway). So this story does not come lightly. I started reading Starcrossed the night before I had class, and fell asleep with it in my hands. When I drove to school all I could do was wonder what was going to happen in the book. Keep in mind this was way before audible was a thing. When I got to school I was a little early so I decided to wait in my car and read. Well time for class came and went, and I was still in my car reading. Instead of going to class I not only finished Starcrossed, but I went to the bookstore to get the next book in the trilogy. I have no regrets.  My boyfriend at the time (now husband) thought I had lost my mind, because I NEVER missed school, and to think I missed it for a book was too much for his mind to process. 

I've said before that my husband and I enjoy reading together, but he doesn't have much time to read anymore. Some of my fondest memories are when he got so excited for the fall release of Heir of Fire. We went to get the book together, and it was amazing to see him so excited over a book.  He even finished the book before me! Chris couldn't take the fact that I didn't know how it ended that he decided to read the book aloud to me. I remember doing dishes and Chris sitting at the kitchen nook reading it aloud to me, such a precious memory. 

Now I leave you with the most embarrassing memory. I should start by saying that I was around 15 when I read Eve, and I had a very vivid imagination. Eve is a dystopian read that involves a deadly plague. While reading I started to get really sick. I was running a high fever, my head was fuzzy, I had a wet cough, and just simply put I felt like death. Then I started seeing a pattern, my symptoms started  to sound just like the symptoms that the characters. I wrote it off thinking "well my nose isn't bleeding so I'm good." The next morning I woke up with a nose bleed. I ran from my room woke my parents up screaming and crying that I had the plague, and I wasn't ready to die. No I'm not lying, I know, I know yes, I can feel how embarrassed you are for me. Turns out I wasn't dying, I had a sever sinus infection and bronchitis. It was a close call friends. 

I would love if you shared some of your favorite bookish memories. Please someone tell me they have a story about a book making you think you had the plague! Do you have a book you reread every autumn? This was such a fun post. I think I will do this for every season. 
Happy fall reading y'all! 

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