5 Reasons You Should Read How to Hang a Witch

Series: How to Hang a Witch #1 
Author: Adriana Mather
Pages: 358
Goodreads Raiting: 4.05
Published: July 26th 2016 by Knopf Books for Young Readers

I wanted to make this a different type of review. I have talked about this book on here before, and if you need more convincing to read it look no farther! 

Salem Witch Trials 
I LOVE books about witches, and this book is no exception. Samantha has the wrong ancestors. She is related to Cotton Mather who is responsible for the trials in Salem. With Samantha being the nearest living descendant of Mather, the locals blame her for the trials. The welcome committed aren't handing out warm smiles and bake goods. Instead they are handing out hateful threats back upped with magic

Backed Up History 
The Author Adriana Mather is the 12th generation of Mathers! How cool is it that this history is in her blood? She writes with a knowledge of this time of history, but puts her own magical twist to it. 

Witches, Ghosts, Oh My
Not only does this book deal with witches, but there are ghosts too. These ghosts make this read even more eerie, romantic, and suspenseful. 

Unique Writing: 
While this book is paranormal, at times it reads like a contemporary giving this book a unique feel. I loved how through a lot of it I feel like I was reading a contemporary. I know that authors try this style of writing for their books, and sometimes it works while other times it doesn't. For me it worked in this case. The author gives the reader a feel of history and day to day life. This gives the impression that everything in this book is possible. 
There is a great who done it feel to this book. Sam learns that there is a curse that has been going on for centuries, and guess who is in the middle of it? Sam with help must find out who has cursed the families, and what must be done to end the curse. 

Let's throw in a bonus 

Hidden Gem in YA
I don't think this book gets enough credit. How to Hang a Witch is fun, witty, suspenseful, magical, and has witches and ghost! I truly believe this book is a hidden gem in our community. It's hard to find hidden gems now, and there is just something special about being able to find one. 

4/5 Teacups for me! 

Let me know if you pick up How to Hang a Witch, and your thoughts on it. Hope you are having a wonderful day!