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Friday 13th Creepy Reads & Recommendations

If you're new here let me share that I am a huge baby when it comes to scary things. I do however try to get in the spirit of Halloween, and with Friday the 13th being in October I knew I had to embrace it, and get into reading some creepy reads. 
I want to recommend some books that I have read that aren't too scary, but are atmospheric and will get you in the Friday 13th and Halloween mood. 

The Body Finder
Violet has always had an unusual gift. She can sense out dead bodies, but only bodies that have been murdered. On top of being able to find the bodies she can also feel the echoes they leave behind, and the imprints that come from the killer. When murders start occurring in her small town, Violet starts using her gift to identify the killer. Little does Violet know that while she is trying to discover the killer, the killer is hunting her.

This book read like a thriller. It was gripping, creepy, dark, and left me chilled to the bone. I picked this book because we as reader…

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