Back to School: Percy Jackson Style

As any fangirl or fanboy wherever you go you want to show your love of books. Being lovers of books we are a unique kind. We crush over fictional characters, they become our best friends, when they hurt we hurt. Books are our escape, our passion, our fun, hobby, friend, books are our lives. Pride comes with being a book nerd and it's something you should embrace. These books we love sometimes take over. We love them so much we want to be a part of that world. I wanted to help find ways for you to always feel close to your favorite books and characters.
This week I wanted to do Percy Jackson because I mean who doesn't like Percy Jackson?! These outfits are loosely inspired by some of the loved characters from The Percy Jackson series or the book covers. I stayed on pinterest for hours (shocker right?) to find outfits that have simple pieces that you can find in your closet or wouldn't be hard to find for a good price at stores. I also wanted to find outfits that could easily be tailored to your needs such as if your school has a dress code. My high school was pretty hard core on dress codes so I tried to remember their rules while I was looking for outfits.
When I saw this picture I thought of a story line to go with this outfit. I thought of Annabeth at one of her schools she had to go to while waiting on longing the day she would get to go to camp Halfblood. While she is in the "real" world she cant exactly go around telling people her mother is the god Athena. So to still feel connected to her mother she wears owl jewelry to symbolize her mother. A cozy sweater and comfy shoes fit Annabeth's style. Plus the sneakers are something she can run in if she finds herself in trouble...which is often thanks to being a halfblood.
Simple and cute. I could imagine this as an outfit Annabeth would pick to wear out on a date with
Percy. Maybe wear the blue purse because she knows blue is Percy's favorite color <3

I'm not sure if Percy would be stylish enough to pick an outfit like this, but it is awesome! I think we all swoon over Percy and imagine him a very attractive dark head model. This outfit is sexy Percy worthy. Of course you cant forget his handy pen!
I had to pick some girl outfits that are Percy inspired. I love this outfit because it's simple. The anchor is perfect to represent Percy's water element. It's almost an end to summer so you can probably find a loose thin long sleeve shirt or short sleeve t-shirt with an anchor on it for cheep on a summer ending sale. It would still be cute with jeans, but also red jeans will probably be on sale because it is a "summer" red and not more of a fall/winter burgundy. I'm not sure how easy it would be to find a pen necklace, but etsy has everything!
It may be the pearls that got me (a southern girl loves her pearls) but I love this outfit so much! It's so simple, but I can see the Percy Jackson inspiration easily in this picture without it being too in your face. Blue striped hoodies are easily to find if you don't already have one. The hat I know most schools wouldn't let you wear so this could be a fun accessory to wear outside of school or on the weekends.

Dark jeans, a dark tank, and a leather jacket and you have yourself a Thalia inspired outfit! This is such a easy chic outfit that is easy to pull together.


Now I am from the south so plaid is a must. Is it from you're from too?
Get a woodsy color tank top, put a plaid long-sleeved shirt on, and add the hiking boots and you're ready for school....or a hike.
I'm not exactly sure why this is considered an Apollo outfit besides the ring, but it is super cute!

The Last Olympian

Now at my school you had to have sleeves on your shirt, but this shirt could be substituted with a long sleeve black shirt that had embellishments similar to this one.

If you guys liked this post please let me know in the comments and I will make similar posts. If you have a book you would like me to use as inspiration just leave it in a comment =) *ALSO DONT FORGET MY GIVEAWAY OF SILVER SHADOWS BY RICHELLE MEAD THAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW*