I know you were expecting a WoW today, but guys do you know what yesterday was?! THE BEST DAY EVER! Yesterday was a great book release day and I went ham on those babies, but first let me tell you how the day started. I was so excited to get the books I wanted so I drove straight to my local bookstore. I was looking around and couldn't find ANY of the books. I just thought they hadent put them out yet. So I go upfront to ask and this is what they say "Ohhhh we didn't order any of those...."

I think I just stood there for a few minutes not comprehending what he said. I was dumbfounded. How on earth do you have a bookstore and not keep up with the MOST ANTICIPATED BOOKS OF THE YEAR?! As a bookstore owner it is your job to keep up with things like this.
ANYWAYS so we drove over an hour to the nearest bookstore and got them there instead. It was so worth the drive!
Yup you bet your sweet cakes I got this sucker! I have already started it and IT'S SO GOOD! I love Angelini's writing. Just the right amount of witty, romance, action, and drama!
I don't know who was more excited to get this bad boy, myself or my husband. When we got to the store they didn't have the book on the floor yet. They told him it was till in the box, he replied "Okay I'll wait right here so you can find me after you get the box." In that moment I knew I had found my soul mate. We are the sweetest people you will ever meet, but don't mess with our books. Thankfully the woman that helped us understood our love for books! This sucker is HUGE it has 565 pages! Cant wait to see what all happens! EEEEEK
Can we just take a second and look at how absolutely gorgeous this cover is?!! This is for sure in the top 5 of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen! Destined for Doon is the sequel to Doon. I LOVED Doon! (Review to come.) I cannot wait to cross the bridge again and enter the beautiful magical world of Doon.
I know this book came out awhile ago, but I saw it right before we checked out and had to have it. I have heard great things about this book, but wanted to wait till the hype went down a little before getting it. Hopefully I will enjoy it =)
Did you guys get any of these books on their release date? Let me know what books you have bought so far this week, and if you have read any of the books I hauled. Hope ya'll are having a fantastic day!