Book Haul, Sickness, & Football

Hey guys I am so sorry for the last week. I know I haven't blogged, if you follow me on twitter (and you should) then you know that I had an awful week about a week and half ago. It started out with the stomach flu, oh boy was that fun. On top of that I felt a LITTLE better on Friday and that was good because we had to pack up and get ready for a weekend trip. We had tickets for a football game, and had already got the tickets, and had plans to spend the weekend with friends we hadn't seen in months. Do you want to laugh, because I can give you one. I never thought about having the stomach flu not mixing well with sitting in the hottest time of the day for four hours. Yup I sat in a stadium over 90 degrees while being dehydrated. Oh and our car was over a mile away with HUGE hills to climb on the way. I got so dehydrated I got sick at the game, and was so dizzy by the time we got to the car I couldn't see straight and shook so bad my teeth chattered. Yuuuuup with that happening it has literally taken me till yesterday to feel decent. My free time has been spent sleeping and just trying to get healthy again.
I wanted to share that with you NEVER go to a game after being sick EVER EVER EVER!!!!!
Now with that being said lets get to the books I picked up yesterday. We did a small celebration for my healthy self yesterday. We got some great books I have been waiting forever for!
The Perilous Sea!!!!! Ohhhhhh if you have followed my blog then you know how much I LOVED The Burning Sky which is the first book in this trilogy. The first book was so amazing. I find it hard to find a great YA fantasy at times. The Burning Sky was the best exception. The world building was fantastic. In fantasy it can be difficult to stay focused or to imagine the world the author has created. This is a great example of how a author can create a unique world and not confuse the reader. PLEASE PICK UP THE BURNING SKY
All I have to say about this is Stephanie Perkins. That's seriously all you need to know to make you want to pick this book up. Perkins is to me one of the most talented romance writers. If I ever need a pick me up, feel good, giggle worthy book then Perkins' books are always the way to go. If you are still on the fence to pick up one of Perkins books then maybe a quote from Tahereh Mafi who wrote The Shatter Me series will change your mind. On the back of Isla and the Happily Ever After Mafi is quoted saying "Stephanie Perkins is the Jane Austen of our generation. Her stories ache, soothe, and leave you breathless with joy; there's true magic in these pages- it's an experience you won't soon forget."
This is the sequel to The 5th Wave. I enjoyed The 5th Wave. It wasn't a happy book, but it was fast paced. intriguing, unique, and in may was realistic. I have no idea what to expect in this book. Both Chris and I are both excited for this one!
What books are you drooling over this week? Don't be shy to leave comments I missed you guys this week! 

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