Back to School: Recommendations & Rereading Books.

This BACK TO SCHOOL segment I have started is really exciting for me. I have a outfit inspired Percy Jackson style post if you want to check that out, and there are going to be more to come. I want to help you guys with the stress of school the best way I know how. There is nothing worse then getting a book and start reading and it letting you down or you just cant get into it. In times like this I like to revert to my favorite books. Go and grab a book you already know you love and that makes you laugh. You haven't read it in awhile and chances are you remember the major parts of the books, but you don't remember it all. There are always specific lines in your favorite books that made you love and treasure that book. Most of the time it is little things that add up that made you love it, and little things are easily forgotten at times. If you are one of the people who do not like to reread books then don't fear. I am going to show you some of my favorite books and hopefully you can find a new favorite =) * I am not showing some of my favorites because they are so popular ex: Percy Jackson, The Infernal Devices series, Harry Potter,  Anna and the French Kiss, Throne of Glass, etc*
  • IF you are one of those people who do not reread books and want some suggestions then here are SOME of my favorite books.
If you want to laugh out loud then I HIGHLY recommend this YA book. I loved every second of this book. I read this when I first started college and if you want honesty here it is. I skipped class to go and get the second book in this trilogy because I couldn't wait I HAD to have it. I do not recommend that I just had to share how desperately I needed it. I NEVER skip if that tells you anything.
This book is written by Jennifer L. Armentrout for some of you that is all I need to say. Others who have not discovered JLA's writing this is the perfect time to do so. It doesn't matter which book you pick up of hers because you wont be disappointed. She is on of the best authors out there hands down. I loved everything about this series. Alex your main character doesn't need anyone to take care of her. She is starting school too (although it is a different type of school) and she is going through a lot that you maybe too. She has haters, good friends, crushes, a smart mouth, and some awful instructors.....and some sexy ones too. I loved everything about this book it has something for everyone.
This is one of the most incredible and unique book I have ever read. I know people who hate EVERY book, and even they raved about this book. If you are picky about books then this is the one I recommend for you. I cant explain this book too much without giving anything away. Just know that this book is a great escape because it captivates you into their world. Expect the unexpected and get ready for one heck of a ride. This book does have romance but has more of a science fiction suspense kind of book. I LOVE IT!!!
It has been soooo long since I read this book, but I can still remember how much I loved it. Kami is smart and witty which I loved. The plot was so suspenseful for me. There were some aspects I saw coming, but mostly I couldn't figure out what was going to happen till the very last page. I haven't read the second book but I feel like I should reread this one before I do.
I stumbled upon this book by complete coincidence. It was calling for a terrible snow storm and while the lights were flickering I just bought the first books I saw on my nook just so I would have SOMETHING to read incase the lights went out. I am so glad that I got the chance to read this book because it is AMAZING I thought I would be fun to just insert my updates on goodreads while reading this book. Oh and the second books is just as good =)
03/17/2013 page 128
30.0% "I freaking LOVE this book so far! love love love"
03/17/2013 page 200
48.0% "I'm dying over here! My nook died,I ran *yes I really ran. might of almost tripped over the clothes that have not been folded yet becuase I can't stop reading* to get my charger hoping I could get the nook pluged in fast enough so the nook wouldn't die. FAIL!!! Now I have to wait 15 mins before it will turn on, and that feels like 100000000 hours right now!I guess you could say I'm kinda liking this book"

I hope that this helped you guys. What are some of your favorite books to reread? Please let me know so I can add some to my TBR =) Happy reading ya'll

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