Vampire Academy Soundtrack

Hey guys! So I wanted to share with you guys the soundtrack for Vampire Academy! I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE music in movies. I truly believe that the music playing can empower a scene and really bring the audience's emotions to the surface. I may just be weird or a nerd but I always get excited over soundtracks. Music can play a huge role in getting the audience in the right mind frame for the scene that is playing. I always pray they pick good music, and I have to say this soundtrack is GREAT! It is full of fun songs, and all I could think was this is the PERFECT track to listen to when your girls are over, or in the car on your way to a girls night to go dancing. Which I think is BRILLANT because this book is all about high school and Rose and Lissa reminiscing about all the parties they have enjoyed over the years. They nailed it with the soundtrack. I literally laughed SO hard when I heard Red Lips because it really made me think of Rose and Mia! It was just the PERFECT song for both of them. I really like Boys Don't Cry it is so catchy I think it is such a fun song, and I was humming it the rest of the day. Bounce made me want to dance around the house all day, which I probably should had it would had been a killer workout. Rats was beautiful I LOVE Rainy Milo's voice. You cannot go wrong with Katy Perry. I could talk about all the songs because I loved them all. I cannot wait to have this CD If you are throwing a movie premier party you should defiantly have these songs playing. Even if you aren't having a party listen to the soundtrack on the way to the movie to get you in the zone, I know I will!! Let me know what you guys think about the music they picked. Are you liking it as much as I am?? Here is a link for the sound track to preorder Vampire Academy

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