Date Ideas Inspired By: Vampire Academy

This book was hard to do date ideas for, but with some thought I came up with a few. I hope you enjoy them! THESE DATES GIVE SPOILERS, IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE BOOK YOU MAY NOT WANT TO READ THIS POST.

1.) Rose loves action, fighting, learning how to protect Lissa, etc. If you want to feel empowered and get your adrenaline rush I HIGHLY recommend taking a kickboxing class or any self-defense class. I know many gyms will provide these classes for their members FOR FREE!!!! Taking classes like this can be fun to take with your partner or with friends. I have taken one with Chris and he liked knowing that after the class I knew a few new ways to take care of myself. (He is always making me learn self defense tactics incase I was every in a bad situation he's a worry wart.)
2.) If you are like Lissa and love animals than going to an animal shelter and helping with them can be fun! Many animal shelters like when people come to volunteer because they cannot always take out all the dogs for walks. You may not be able to bring back a dead animal like Lissa, but you can help give them the attention they are dying to receive. Be careful though you may come home with a new fur baby!!!
3.) Dmitri likes western novels. You could go to the book store together and try to find a novel that you both think would be fun to read together that was set in the west, or you could rent a western movie.
4.) Christian specializes in fire, and him and Lissa have some steamy romance in the attic starting in this book. You can snuggle up together by the fire and tell one another secrets that no one else knows about you. If you have a fire pit outside you can snuggle next to it and make smores while sharing your secrets and a few stolen kisses.
This book did not have many situations to work with for date ideas, but I am already reading the second book and it has many more options!! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any date ideas let me know in the comments =)

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