What to expect from Books To The Tea

Hey guys! First I would like to say thank you so much for checking my blog out. I really hope you enjoy the blog enough to subscribe and keep coming back to see what’s new J Now I’m sure you guys want to know what to expect on this blog. This blog is called BOOKS TO THE TEA for a reason. This blog is going do reviews and discussions on books, but so much more. If you want recipes to go along with the book you got it. If a character in the book talks a lot about a certain food you can be certain that there will be a recipe posted. If you want not just a woman’s thoughts on a book, but also a man’s than look no farther, my husband will be doing some posts as well. We frequently read the same books, and I thought it would be nice to let our readers see the male’s point of view as well. I will also be doing fun date ideas that are center around certain books. I find that these dates are always fun for us booklovers and they really set the mood for you to be able to talk and discuss the book with your spouse. We also will be posting videos of reviews and spoiler videos for people that read the book with us and want to see our thoughts. Oh and did I mention there will be PLENTY OF GIVEAWAYS?!?!?! J

 If you throw book club parties we will set you up with some pretty neat ideas. I love to wear outfits that I think go along with the main character in a book. I will do fashion posts as well, but I will NOT be posting shirts that may look PERFECT for the scenario but cost 400 bucks. I will find you outfits that help you ball on a budget. I want you to be able to feel in character when you go to a movie premier for your favorite book but not break the bank for it. (No I am not going to post costumes these outfits are going to be sleek and fashionable trust me.) You may be wondering why I spelt TEA like I did, well, I LOVE me some tea, and I often drink tea while reading books. I will be doing book and tea pairing posts to let you guys know what tea’s I enjoy.

I really hope you enjoy this blog and I look forward to hearing from you guys. We want this blog to be creative and fun. This blog will not be your average book blog and we promise to put our heart and soul into it. Thanks again for checking out BOOKS TO THE TEA J

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