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Do you read more than 1 book at a time, and if so, how, like a certain amount of pages per book before moving on to the next one in the queue? - Suggested by Words I Write Crazy.   
Yes I read more than one book at a time, actually I normally read one and listen to one. I will listen to one on the way to work, school, or to visit my parents. It really makes the drive go a lot faster. I LOVE to listen to a book while I am cleaning and cooking. I highly recommend listening to a great book while cleaning if you are like me and hate cleaning.
At night is when I read an actually book. Reading at night really relaxes me and helps me sleep better. I will start reading while soaking in the bath and then in bed till I pass out. I will also read on the couch while the hubby watches sports. I don't like all the sports he does, but I am perfectly happy snuggled up to him while he watches them as long as I have a great book and a yummy cup of tea.

How about you guys? I would love to know if you guys read more than one book at a time. Let me know in the comments below. If you made a post leave me a link, and as always if you are a new follower let me know so you can make my day =)
Hope you guys are having a great Friday!!
Happy reading ya'll,