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Books That Made Me Want To Workout

Okay so  I didn't make any resolutions this year, but I have been trying to be healthier. I've been hanging out with woman who take their health serious, my husband is REALLY into working out, and I am over here thinking about how Dunkin Donuts has their brownie batter donuts right now. Yeah I know, but I am trying I swear. The problem with me is I get bored extremely easy working out and I cannot find anything that truly keeps my attention and if I don't like something, I will not do it. I need motivation and I will be honest when I read a book that has a female character who talks about working out and she kicks butt, I cannot help but be motivated and I start to try new workouts.
So without farther rambling I will share some books/ characters that helped me get motivated to start working out more.
Alex is such a hard core girl. She works HARD and you get to see her struggles with working out. She works with a VERY sexy instructor doing hand on hand combat. Oh and the instructor is a guy she has had a crush on FOR YEARS. She HATES cardio, but pushes through it. She works out to get in the best shape she can be in to fight. If you are new to my blog then let me tell you, this is one of my FAVORITE books!!! I mean Jennifer L. Armentrout wrote it....enough said.
Tris has to work her butt off to prove herself, and she is truly empowering.
Selena is just all around kick butt girl. She is a assassin...enough said, but this girl still hates to run. She can kill someone without anyone else knowing, but the girl runs with the guard she trains with and she may or may not throw up. She fights through it and she powers through it. She works hard and the hard work pays off. In this book I felt like Selena showed me that everyone has their weak points. It is your decision to work on them and make them a strength not a weakness.
This was the first book that I read that really scared me. I didn't necessarily think that the exact concept would happen in true life, but it made my mind wonder. I couldn't help but think what the world could come to and how I would be the first one to be killed off. This book motivated me to get in shape in case I needed to run for my joke this book really played mind games for me.
On a lighter note, this book made me want to swim ALL THE TIME!!! Belly is a swimmer and this book has beautiful descriptions about how Belly felt when she swam. It made me want to disconnect from the struggles in life, and just jump in the pool and swim till I felt at peace. In fact I truly did lose weight over the summer because I was so inspired by the connection Belly had with the water I wanted to understand it more. I swam all the time and loved it!
Again this is one of my FAVORITE books! Helen is on the track team and I am AWFUL at running. Fun fact in middle school I was the kid who faked sick to get out of running the mile. Yup I was that kid. I love Helen and she is such a strong character, but she doesn't know how strong she truly is. We ALL have struggles and I feel like most of us do not give ourselves where credit is needed. Helen faces her fears head on and finds her true self. This motivates me to look my fears in the eye and work hard on conquering those fears, and yes one of those fears is running.
Sydney is a control freak and she really worries what she eats. She watches how much sugar she eats and throughout the series she starts to see that she worries TOO much about what she eats and her weight. Sydney starts to work on balancing her diet. This book showed me I need to find a happy balance for myself.
So there are a few of the books that have helped me stay motivated to try to get in better shape. What books have helped you stay motivated to workout and get healthy? Be sure to let me know in the comments below and as always if you are a new follower please let me know so you can make my day!
Happy reading ya'll,


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