Tea Talk: Reviewing Books I Didnt Enjoy

Tea Talk's are posts where I ask questions and have discussions with you guys =)
MANY of you guys requested more tea talks so I plan on doing more of them! I am so glad you guys like Tea Talk because I really enjoy these posts.
This weeks tea talk I want to discuss books that you give bad ratings to. Do you still review them on your blogs or Goodreads? Does it depend if the author contact you and asked you to read it, or if you bought the book with your own money? If you are just a reader of blogs do you think bloggers should talk about books they do not like?
For me when I started this blog I had a hard time with reviewing books I didn't like IF I was contacted by the author to read and review their book. I have read a few books that were sent to me for review that I just couldn't finish or didn't like at all, and I didn't review them because I didn't want to hurt feelings.
Now that I have been blogging for awhile my feelings have changed. I feel like I owe it to my readers to tell them if I have read a book I didn't like. My readers trust me with my reviews and I feel like if I only post about the books I enjoyed I am not being fully truthful.
Some people come to my blog and look at books I have reviewed to see what their next read should be. I let them know the books I loved and hope they pick them up. I also feel obligated to share my thoughts on books that I did not like and maybe they should just borrow that book from the library and read it before they buy it.
As a reader of other bloggers I LOVE when they have mixed ratings. There are some reviewers that I trust completely because our interest in genres are almost exactly the same. So when I see that they did not like a book I was interested in, I decide to borrow the book from the library instead of buying it.
What are your thoughts on reviewing books you don't like? Do you just simply not review them? Have you had mixed feelings like I have in the past? What about the readers, Do you guys like seeing mixed reviews? I would really love to know your opinion on this topic. Share your thoughts down below.
Happy reading ya'll