Tea Talk: The Hype Monster

Tea Talk posts give me a chance to have conversations with you guys and I love these posts. Thank you for you guys who comment and talk to me about the topic of the week.
This Weeks Topic:
Does the hype monster get to you, and make books less enjoyable because your expectations are too high? How do you keep it from getting the best of you?
I will be the first to say that yes the hype monster gets me about 80% of the time. I hate it and I don't know how to stop it. I enjoy looking at other blogs and normally when a new book comes out the book is reviewed by many bloggers at the same time. When they ALL rave and the goodread rating is super high I cant help but think "okay I need to clean my schedule for the weekend because I have to read this amazing book." And then I will read the book and really not get into it because my expectations were too high. I know that it is very likely that I will not enjoy the book with such expectations but I cant make myself stop thinking about the reviews and I let the hype monster win every time.
If you have any tips on how to beat the hype monster please share! I really wish that I could figure out a way to not let the hype get to me.

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