Halloween Spirit Haul

I wanted to get books to get me into the spirit for Halloween. Now mind you, I do NOT like to get scared. I am a HUGE chicken and proud of it. I blame it on my cousin who made me watch Scream at a young age. I mean some of the trick or treaters that show up at the house freak me out. I don't give candy to the kids dressed as Scream....just kidding.

But what I do enjoy is reading paranormal books thinking MAYBE situations can happen. Maybe there are more than one world, maybe there are magic worlds and we just don't know it because we are a bunch of muggles. Don't hate on me, but when I read Twilight which I loved and still do. I couldn't help but think what if sexy vampire and werewolves were real? I CALL JACOB!!!! this is the time of year to let your mind go wild and let your imagination run wild like it use to when you were a child. I bought 7 books to read to get me into the spirit and I also got a couple of other things I think you guys will like =)

Jessica from a GREAT read recommended this book to me. She is a great review with incredible taste so I trust her judgment. If you haven't checked her blog out than you need to as soon as you finish reading this post!
Goodreads recommended this to me. I thought it sounded interesting and thought this would be the best time to read it.
JLA wrote this. Done deal. Plus look at how creepy the cover is!!!
I know this isn't really a "creepy" book, but I have been dying to read this, and I think I will need something to read in between these books that is a light fun read to keep me from going into a book hangover.
I LOVED Rebel Belle so when I saw that Hawkins wrote this book too it was a done deal.
I picked this book up and started reading it in the store and could NOT put it down. It is fantastic so far!!!
I got this an audio. Goodreads recommended this to me too so we will see how it goes.
Of course I had to get a Halloween mug to drink my tea in while I read =)  How cute is this Peanuts mug?!
and I had to get a movie to watch in between reading!!!!
I  hope I can get to all these books before Halloween. I have a HUGE test Friday a wedding Saturday BUT after the test I have nothing else to do and I have a entire day to read before the wedding Saturday. I also get Monday and Tuesday off so I am planning on doing ALOT of reading. I wish I would have thought of it earlier and did a read a long with you guys =(
What are you guys reading? If there is a book that you see on here that you think I should read first (after Illusions of Fate since I started that in the bookstore) Leave a comment letting me know
*ALSO please go to my last post and let me know what other types of posts you would like to see on here. I think it is important to hear from you guys so don't be shy!!!!!