Characters I Never Trust

There are certain characters I never trust. If there is a murder, someone out to destroy the main character, and/or mysterious things are happening, it is almost always one of these characters behind it.
  • The overly helpful adult or superior. This could be a teacher or leader that is always there to save you at the last minute. The superior who has all the answer that you need to solve the mystery. 
  • Family member from the love interests side. It may be a mother who thinks the girl isn't good enough for her son or the power hungry father.
  • Shy background/secondary character. The character who is awkward and maybe the friend that is in the circle because of a family link or the circle just feels sorry for them. The shy character who gets looked over and holds a grudge. You gotta watch the quite ones!
  • Characters that come out of no where. The characters who coincidently show up  right before all cray breaks lose. It could be a long time friend that just so happens to be visiting the same town the main character is. A long lost uncle who comes to the rescue when the main characters parents die.
  • Power driven characters. We all know that if there is someone who wants power they will stop at NOTHING to get it.
  • The unexpected love interest. The boy who just shows up. New in town and starts crushing on the main character the second she starts having problems with the main love interest. Yeah that new boy has a name and its either called trouble OR the real "bad" guy has something that belongs to the new boy and the only way he can get it back is if he gives our main character to the bad guy. Yeah that was confusing to try to explain, but I am pretty sure we all have read a book that had that issue in it so hopefully you got my drift.
Yup and those are main characters I never trust and I am always suspicious of. I point at the book and yell THEY DID IT I KNOW IT!!!!!! Yes I actually do that. You cant judge me!
What characters do you never trust and point the finger at when things go wrong?