Review: Legacy Lost by: Anna Banks

 "He is a mer-prince, she is the mermaid princess that his family orders him to marry so that their kingdoms unite. Grom dreads this arrangement, until he meets Nalia — both beautiful and smart, she's everything he ever wanted. But just when their connection grows deeper, tragedy strikes.

Legacy Lost is a prequel story to Anna Banks' debut novel, OF POSEIDON."

I loved this prequel it was so sweet and funny to see Grom and Nalia's story. I feel like it was for sure something that we as readers needed so we could feel more connected to these two characters since they are playing a huge part in Of Triton. I laughed and had a few tears shed. This was amazing that this got emotions out of me like it did since it is so short (32 pages). The length of the prequel was the only downfall for me. Even as a prequel it could have been longer then just 32 pagers, but at the same time Banks got her story and point across in a beautiful way. I highly recommend this prequel I have already started Of Triton and Legacy Lost really helps you not only feel connected to Grom and Nalia, but they also refer to some issues that happen in the prequel that may not make sence to someone who went straight into reading Of Triton after the first book. So I am leaving you with a question do you read prequels/novellas or just skip to the next book of the series?
Ps: Legacy Lost is only $0.99 !!!!!