Hidden Gems: Bookstore Edition (North Florida)

 I am so excited to start these posts. I decided to do multiple stores in one posts. If you guys would rather have posts that feature just one store for each post let me know and I will change it. I picked cities from North Florida if you have been to any of these stores let me know your experience there.
  • Open Books   As I was researching stores for this post I stumbled upon this bookstore and found it very interesting. Open Books is a non-profit volunteer-run bookstore. The proceeds that the store makes from sales goes to support the Prison Book Project. I got this off the website to let you guys know more about their mission.
Prisoners are isolated in facilities that have insufficient libraries and educational opportunities. We provide these materials to improve the lives of prisoners and to greatly reduce the likelihood of their returning to the prison system. Our communities fare better when prisoners returning to society have had an opportunity to learn, grow, and mature as individuals. Books provide the inspiration and knowledge for that growth.
Prisoners simply have to send us a letter and we send them books. While the Open Books book store has a wide selection of new and used books, the selection that has been donated to the Prison Book Project is limited. We do our best to find something that fits the interests of the prisoner.

  • Hawsey's Book Index  This store started in June of 1968 and is still in business! Hawsey's started out with selling a variety of things such as furniture, jewelry, and used books. I love why the put the word index in the stores name. "The idea of the name "Index" well, it's where you go to look for things!" So cute right? In 1980 the store became a full on bookstore, but it still had the feel of everyone can come in and find something for themselves. No they don't have furniture or jewelry, but they have a book for everyone. that's the reason I had to put this on the post. The store look like a decent size store, and they carry a large selection from  gardening,  Military history, to Teen (YA) reads. Oh and they also Buy, sale, trade books SWEET!  

  • Book Gallery West Holy crap this store looks HUGE!!! This store has ALOT going on. Used and new books, gift, cards, personal care products, women's accessories, school reading, and gifts wrapped for FREE!!! Have you ever been out with someone who dosent like to read, and you are just dying to go to the bookstore? This is the kind of store that you could go to and that person would be content browsing around, while you go crazy over the books. This my friends is what we call a win win situation store. 

  • The BookMark Okay so I HAVE to visit this bookstore! If I am ever in Florida I will be at the store and probably spend most of my vacation lounging in the store. First off this store is so beautiful looking, and it is only ONE block from the ocean. The website even says "if you get wet you went too far" how cute! They are known for being very picky about what books they decide to put in their store, and they are always having events such as book signings and readings! They also have gifts for bookish gifts, journals, pens, and more. This store sounds like a must see!
  • Chamblin Bookmine Apperenlty this is the place to be if you are a book lover. Chamblin Bookmine is known for their rare and used books. They have also opened a second store with a café (yay coffee & books). Can't travel to this store? That's okay if you want to support this indie bookstore you can buy books online! Sadly there is only 40,000 books to choose from online instead of the 2 MILLION PLUS books that are at either both or at least one of their stores, but still 40,000 books is ALOT.
I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you have a indie bookstore you like please leave a comment below telling me so I can put it in a post =)