James Patterson Fighting For Bookstores & You Can Too!

How many times have you got on the internet and sure enough there is yet again another article talking about how they believe there is no room for bookstores in the future? Well I don't know about you but it makes me wish that there were more articles about how to save bookstores instead of the depressing ones saying they believe our beloved bookstores may soon be extinct. So when I woke up this morning to a text from my mother in-law telling me that she found an article about James Patterson starting a program to help save independent bookstores I knew I had to check it out and then share the joy with you guys.
From my understanding over a course of six months Patterson is taking his own money (one million dollars) to divvy out to multiple independent bookstores to help them improve their stores, and also to be able to give their employees advances on their pay. There is a lovely interview from The New York Times and Publisher's Weekly  with Patterson that is so eye opening, and I feel like every book lover needs to read it. He talks about how bookstores can be in jeopardy because of eBooks. He has so many good points and it is so fascinating. Yes I have a e-reader and I love it truthfully it is so convenient, and at times my e-reader is a lot more budget friendly. However with that being said I still buy actual books.....a lot I mean have you seen my latest book haul? I love me e-reader but I cannot imagine my life without bookstores. I will walk into a bookstore and all my stress melts away. My mother and I use to have mommy daughter dates and we would always go to bookstores. I don't want a life without bookstores.
I know the majority of us don't have a million bucks to help out the bookstores we love and hold dearly to our hearts,  but there are other ways to help. You can go on Patterson's website and apply your favorite bookstore for one of his grants. This has inspired me and I hope inspires you as well please take the time to read the articles and if you have a bookstore that you love that needs helps then signed them up for the chance to win. I am so inspired I will be doing posts about unique independent bookstores all over the place. These bookstores are gems that not enough people know about. Hopefully these posts will help people find these gems and help keep our bookstores going. What are some of your favorite bookstores? Let me know in the comments below and I will look into them and do posts on them =)