Valentine's Day Gifts For Book Lovers

Valentine gifts can be tricky and so I wanted to help you guys out. For the last two weeks I have been looking for all kinds of different types of gift ideas for you guys. There are some easy homemade ideas on here and also some you can buy I wanted to do some mix and matching. You may find books that are perfect for your valentine OR you may find a gift you want for yourself. If you give yourself a present on the day celebrating love GOOD FOR YOU! You have to love yourself and it is easy to forget about yourself. I think EVERYONE should give themselves something on Valentine's Day! Now without further anticipation I give you the gifts!!!!
  • If you want to go all out all the kindles
    are on sale on amazon. I know so people are really against E-readers. I personally love mine. I still buy hard back books ( as you saw in that huge book haul) but sometimes E-readers really come in handy and make life easier. If I am reading late at night I prefer my E-reader because I can just prop it up beside me and not have to worry bout falling asleep and dropping the book on my face. ( Yes I have done that, don't judge me, it's the true life of a extreme book lover!) When we go on vacation I take multiple books and that can get very bulky very quickly.
  • Here is a DIY E-reader book cover that I thought was so neat, and it has step by step pictures and written instructions.
  • Now if you like the idea for the E-reader book cover BUT couldn't bring yourself to cut pages out of  a book (completely understandable!) I found another book cover that does NOT have you using a book, but it does have a little sewing involved. * On the link above it will send you to the cite where she is showing you how you can jazz up the original book cover. she has a link in the beginning taking you to the main tutorial I just thought some of you make like to see your options.
  • If you do sew then I HIGHLY recommend this next idea this cite! There are multiple book lover ideas that are AMAZING!!!! I love the couch organizer that has a space for a book!!! I will for sure be trying that one! They also have cute book marks and so much more!
  • If you are a Harry Potter fan and want to find something for yourself  your valentine then you will love how amazing this bracelet is and how inexpensive it is SCORE!
  • I am not this talented but if you are daring enough to make these PLEASE let me know!! This would be a good valentine's gift to yourself =) book earrings
  • A very easy and inexpensive gift is to make your own quote mugs. Find out your valentine's favorite book and quote and follow these simple instructions
  • Chris and I really like having "board game night" at our house and when I saw this I thought yup I have to get that.Book Lover's Scrabble
  • I just got this picture off of Pinterest and I love this idea. If you want to give books as your present BUT don't want to just hand them over, then wrap them!! Wrap them in simple pink or red wrapping paper ( you may have red already from Christmas score!!!) Or find some paper with hearts on it. I love this idea and we all have an inner child that gets excited to unwrap presents!!
I hope you guys found some gifts you like!  Don't forget to subscribe to the blog AND YOUTUBE =)

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