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"Say Goodnight with Our Bedtime TeaTuck yourself into bed and get a restful nights sleep with a cup of our Bedtime tea. this blend is an effective combination of herbs traditionally used for centuries to promote relaxation and sleep. Valerian and Organic Chamomile can help calm nervousness and restlessness. St. John's Wort is known for its positive effects on mood, while Passion Flower, used in Native American remedies, helps reduce common anxiety to support sleep. Licorice, Cardamom and Cinnamon add a delicious, warming flavor that's just right for drinking before bedtime. So, relax and drink Bedtime tea - for a good night's sleep."

Does this not sound scrumptious? With everything going on the last couple of weeks my sleeping schedule has been awful. I have trouble sleeping and have had to go to the doctor multiple times for it. I refuse to take actual sleeping pills so my doctor and I try to find natural products to help. I drink teas to help promote sleep often. One herb that is always mentioned is chamomile. I love chamomile and I do believe it helps promote relaxation, but sometimes it isn't enough. This tea has so many herbs to help promote relaxation and a restful sleep, and I can honestly say it works! This tea is unlike any tea I have tried before. It has a consistency like a normal tea, but it has a thick taste like you put milk or cream in it. I don't know how to describe it, it was so odd but in a wonderful way! I took a hot bath, made this tea, then grabbed a book to read in bed. By the time I finished the cup of tea I was so relaxed and sleepy I was shocked. I now get excited for bedtime because I know that I get to make my cup of tea. I cannot rave about this enough and I really hope you guys give this tea a try!
Yogi Bedtime Tea -- 16 Tea Bags

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