Friday Reads & TV Shows

Last week I did my Friday reads as a video, and that was suppose to be the plan for this week as well but everything went wrong. First the sun was not working with me at all today. I said I would always do my Friday reads by the fireplace (at least there's a picture!) and Mr. sun did not like that idea today. He made it impossible to do. Since the fireplace is close to my French doors there was no blocking the sun off. Then I got a new computer yesterday and it has window's 8 which I am not use to at all and the movie maker is completely different. For some reasons my videos would not upload to movie maker to edit. Everything has been so hectic and annoying, but when I think about it maybe it worked out for the best. I feel like my YouTube channel gets more love from me then the blog does maybe this is a way to change that. So without farther explanation here is my Friday Reads:
I will be reading Of Triton which I have already started and I am enjoying it. I am about 100 pages in. Even though I am enjoying it I am not enjoying it as much as I did Of Poseidon, but it is early in the game so I am not too worried about it we"ll see where it goes. Besides Of Triton I don't know what other books I will be reading this weekend. I don't like planning those things. I like to see how I feel after finishing one book and then search our bookshelves and see what books I have not read yet then see what book I am feeling.
Now on to the TV shows. Of course I will be watching Once Upon A Time I have to catch up. I am sadly still on the second season! I love this show so much and it is making me really want to get into reading retellings of fairy tales. Now that is my guilty pleasure, but Chris is determined to find a TV show he likes. Last night we watched House of Cards. We only watched the first episode and even though we thought it was odd we liked it. I cannot wait to see the next episode which we will be watching tonight! We will see if this is another show we get hooked on.
So that is my Friday reads & TV shows I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what books you are reading and shows you are loving right now. I hope you guys are having a great Friday!

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