Random Thursday: Skin Care Favorites Fall Edition

To say I have dry skin is an understatement. My skin has always been dry, and yes even when I drink my body weight in water. It's just something I have come to terms with, but when it starts to get cold, my alligator skin comes out to play. 

Today I thought I would share what I have found that seems to calm my sensitive dry skin, and a bonus helps keep my skin clear. 

PS: This is not a sponsored post. These are items that I have found throughout the years while trying to battle alligator skin. 

I use this gentle face wash in the morning. I need a very gentle cleanser for the mornings. This is made to melt away oil, makeup, and dirt. It also has properties in it that lightly tone and hydrate your skin. I think it's the perfect light face wash for the mornings when I just need something to wash away the dirt and oil from the night. 

I love this lightweight gel moisturizer. This isn't marketed as a moisturizer for dry skin, but it's more for my sensitivity. I use a thicker moisturizer at night to help with my dry skin. If I used a thick Moisturizer day and night my skin would breakout like crazy!  This is calming to my skin and my makeup applies lovely over it. 

I dare to say the full name of this soap ten times as fast as you can! 
I use this at night, and it is a gentle oil free cream soap. It takes off all my makeup, isn't over drying, and has helped with my blackheads. The keratoplast in it helps reduce redness that comes along with my irritated skin. Another reason I like this cream soap is it helps with buildup of dry and dull skin. I had never heard of Keratoplast until now, and I like the benefits it has had on my skin.

I am not going to lie this stuff is THICK, and I love it with everything in me. If I go a couple of days without using this moisturizer my alligator skin comes back twice as bad. When I first started using it I thought my skin would go crazy because of how thick it is, but nope, my skin loves it! It's so calming and moisturizing I cannot recommend it enough if you have dry skin!  

This bad boy is seriously what I believe has helped my blackheads the most. Tea tree oil has been known for it's properties to help acne, but it can be too harsh for my skin. This is the perfect product for me. I need to exfoliate my skin usually once or twice a week to get the dead skin off. This not only exfoliates, it also helps clear my skin without over drying. Their website says it can be used as a daily exfoliate, but that would be too much for my skin. I usually use it on Saturday and Wednesday nights as a special treatment. 

That is what my skin has been loving. I know this is different, and I'm not sure how often I will do random posts like this, but it's always fun to mix it up! 

I use an eye cream, but I haven't found anything worth raving over. If you have a beloved eye cream please let me know! 

I hope you are having an amazing Thursday, and here's to tomorrow being Friday!