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Top Ten Books That Scream Fall

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and Bookish

THIS WEEK: Ten Books With Fall/Autumn Covers/Themes (If the cover screams fall to you, or the books give off a feeling of being Fallish)

I decided to do fall themes!!

Witch is When it all Began

Jill is hired to find a serial killer, and in the mist of it she finds her her birth mom is dying. When she goes to see her mother on her death bed, her mother yells at her she's a witch. While Jill thinks her mom used her last dying words to insult her, she was actually telling her the truth. This was fun and magical cozy read that I really enjoyed!



Eve starts college hoping what everyone does. She hoes to fit in, make friends, do good in her classes, and if she meets someone cute it wouldn't hurt anything. Eve does happen to meet someone cute, dark, and mysterious, but there is more to Gage then Eve realizes.
Eve finds herself caught in the middle of an ancient war, and a demonic army hunts her. She must figure out her own path and choice between dark and light.

The Iron Trial
This middle grade read follows Cullum Hunt who is about to take his Iron Trial and his goal, well he's goal is to fail the Iron Trial. Call has grown up believing his father's warnings of the dangers of magic. Call learns from his father he must fail his Iron Trial so he doesn't become admitted into the Magisterium.
Call does the unthinkable and no matter how hard to tries to fail, he ends up being unsuccessful and passing the Iron Trial. While at the Magisterium Call meets new friends and the discover more about magic, hidden truths, and dangers.
This has all the Harry Potter feels, and I loved it!


Trial by Fire
Lily Proctor lives in Salem, and has always been more on the shy side. She is determined to change and have more fun. Lily has decided to go to a party with her crush Tristan. Of course Lily's plans go down the drain when she humiliates herself and she wishes she could just disappear, and suddenly she is in a different Salem.
This Salem is dark, horrifying and ruled by a power hungry woman named Lillian. This Lillian is actually Lily's other self in this alternate world. Lily must learn her new role in this world, learn more about Lillian and the dark that lives inside both of them.

Dark Lover
This adult book was a fun read. Beth is a hard working self-officiant woman who doesn't know that her father happened to be a vampire. It is now up to the only purebred vampire left on earth to tell Beth of her heritage. Wrath is the leader of The Black Dagger Brotherhood, and leads with an iron fist. Wrath must learn how to balance his roles as leader, brother, and now Beth's guide to this new world.


Witches of East End While I love the book, I love the show too so I recommend both! The Beauchamp women are unique and beautiful. All three women are completely different. Freya is a free spirit who is a helpless romantic, and a bartender,  who is known for her specialty drinks. Ingrid is a librarian who is wickedly smart, and their mother Joanna who loves and protects her girls fiercely.
When Freya gets engaged the Beauchamp women start to see how their family powers can cause complications they never thought of.

Garden Spells
The Waverleys have always been different, but Claire is determined to live a quiet life. She is known for her cooking and the mystical plants she uses. Her dishes can help people to stop gossiping, make children listen to their parents, and keep her neighbors curiosities at bay. When Claire's sister Sydney comes to visit with her daughter, Claire's quite life takes a turn, and leaves her life felling up side down. Sydney brings with her secretes and she needs Claire's help. With two strong sisters love for one another and a dash of magic, the Waverleys can face anything.
This magical realism is a beautiful story filled with strong women, magic, and mystery. Garden Spells has the same feel as Practical Magic, and that is one of my favorite movies.

The Nightmare Affair

Dusty is a nightmare, the only nightmare at her boarding school for magickind. She sneaks into humans homes to feed off of humans dreams. What is suppose to be a normal routine, Dusty sneaks into Eli Booker's house, and things do not go as planned. Eli is dreaming of murders, and while that seems like a "normal" nightmare, Eli's dreams start to come true. Dusty must solve the mystery of why Eli's dreams are coming true, who is the killer, and how can they be stopped.
This was a fun quick read that I really enjoyed.

My Soul to Take
Kaylee can sense when people that are close to her are about to die. Nash seems to be the only person that can help her. They set out on a journey to figure out why their classmates keep dying, and how they can solve it.
Kaylee and Nash were two characters I feel in love with. I loved the twists and turns that this book took. Vincent has a beautiful writing style that makes the reader get lost and hopes to never find their way out of her books.

The Gathering
In a small island town in Vancouver Serena captain of the swim team goes for a swim in a calm lake, and mysteriously drowns. Her best friend Maya is with her and is forever changed by the accident.
One year later mountain lions seems to have a fascination with Maya.
A boy Daniel is experiencing premonitions, and a new boy shows up to town with secrets.
It's easy to say that this small town is filled with big secrets and lies.
I LOVED this book. This was my first Kelley Armstrong book, and now I can see why so many people rave about her books. It was captivating, mysterious, dark, and there was never a dull moment.
Bonus it's $3.99 on kindle.

This is my list of fall themed books. I would love to know what's on your list. Make sure you leave your links or lists in the comments.


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