13 Bookish Things To Do This Fall

 It's the first week of October, and you know what that means, we all go fall crazy! 
Today I want to share 13 bookish things to do this fall to get you in the spirit. 

Find books about real haunting stories and myths about places near you. If you live in the south I know first hand you won't have trouble finding material. After finishing your research, go to the place, or see if there are tours you can take.  

Find a new warm drink to sip on while reading. If you need a new recipe I have the perfect crock pot cider recipe here.

To me this is when Bookstagram really comes alive. I love all the darker tones, the lights, candles, it's all perfect. Need some inspiration? Here is what I've done so far with my fall theme. 

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Instead of just putting regular plan pumpkins, show off your book love by making literary themed pumpkins. Carve out book shapes, Harry Potter inspired designs, etc. 

Create a book club with friends or online. This is the season for books being published so you won't be short on choices. If a book club is too intense you can do a buddy read instead! Find a friend that likes to read and pick a book to read together. If it goes well you can keep it going, and start with lighter fall reads, and towards Halloween you can read darker themed books! 

Spice up your bookshelf! Fall is the reading prime time. Make your bookshelves a focal point. Spend the day making yourself a cozy place to read, and inspiring bookshelf decor. Instagram is a great place to get inspiration! Use hashtag like #Bookshelfgoals, #bookshelftour #shelfie 
I guarantee that you will find inspiration when using these hashtags. 
Instead of decorating for fall the average way, decorate the literary way! 
Go on Pinterest and find Harry Potter themed Halloween DIY decor. write down the materials you need, and spend a day or two making inexpensive, creative, and unique decor. 

Now curl up in your new cozy nook near your goal worthy bookshelves, and reread a favorite book. If you want to be Instagram worthy you can add your hot beverage and snag a picture before you dive into your beloved read. 

Gather up your fall TBR, a blanket, fuzzy socks, beverages, and snacks. Have yourself a reading marathon. If you want to have more fun with it, you can invite others to join you. Announce your reading day on Instagram, Twitter, your blog, etc. Show off your TBR, and give details about when you will start and stop. You can do reading sprints and check ins  on twitter.

There are so many bookish tea, candle, and decor shops around the web. Find a few new fall teas and candles to try! 

It's never too early to start writing your holiday bookish wishlist! Serf your favorite blogs for book recommendations and add some to your list. 

Find creepy poems to pass out along with a piece of candy to your older trick-or-treaters.
I highly recommend Edgar Allen Poe. I know we all would love to pass out books for Halloween, but I can't imagine how expensive that would be!

Start working on your Halloween costume. I know that the majority of us like to dress up as a book character, and those costumes are hard to find. I have a friend that makes her costumes from scratch every year, and they always turn out amazing! She even enters the contests where you can win money, and she seriously wins every year!

Finding your next fall read can be tricky. Make sure to check out my fall recommendations post.

There is my 13 bookish things to do this fall. I would love to hear some ideas you may have. What are some of your favorite books to recommend during the fall? Are you adding any of these ideas to your fall bucket list? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.
Happy fall reading,