Feature & Follow Friday


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THIS WEEKS QUESTION: Do you have a favourite place to read? via Liberamans
Alright Here are a few of my favorite places...
  • I like to read on the couch especially this time of year because I can look up and see the Christmas tree!! Am I the only one that would leave their tree up if their spouse would let them?!
  • In the summer time I love to read outside on the porch. Is this first time I am showing you guys my new view since we moved? I loved the lake but this country girl needed her mountains and woods! Plus I keep hoping Jacob or Edward will come running out of the woods. (This is a non judging place....so you are not allowed to judge that last sentence.)
  • And last but the one that happens the most is in bed at night, when I cannot sleep which is ALL the time. The dogs decided that my book would make a firm pillow.
Where do you guys read? Please let me know in either the comments or leave me a link to your F&F =) If you are a new follower please let me know! Hope you guys are having a great Friday!! Happy reading Ya'll!!!!