12 Days of Book Blogmas: Naughty Characters

12 Days of Book Blogmas is a blog hop created by Parajunkee. This is a way for all book bloggers to come together and spread the love!
Day #4: Characters that are on Santa's naughty list.
I HATED Eric in this book! In this series there are MANY characters to hate, but with Eric I couldn't find ANY redeeming qualities.
Roth is the BEST kind of naughty! I love his character so much, and let me tell you this book is HOT.
Roth is a tattooed sexy demon and has no soul. Interested yet? I am telling you if you haven't read this series you NEED it in your life. BUT if you are younger please know this is a NA book, so use your best judgment I am not going to tell you to not read it if you are mature enough for the content.
Will Herondale is a naughty boy, but again in the best kind of ways. He is a character that you have to peel back the layers to see what he truly is. Is he naughty or nice, You have to read the series to find out. This is one of my favorite series BTW =)
Voldemort......enough said.
Who would be on your naughty list? Leave your thoughts in the comments below =)
Happy reading Ya'll!