Books I'm Hesitant to Read

There are many reasons different reasons to be hesitant to read a book. The hype may be too much, the sequel may not hold up to the first, or maybe the end to a cherished series seems to just be too final. 

Two reasons keep me from reading this book. The first one is the hype. The hype is real for this book. I don't want the hype to get to me because I am known for working up high expectations for a hyped book.
The second reason is this has the potential to a very heartbreaking ending, and I just don't know if I am prepared for that roller coaster.


The Star Touched Queen
This book is so beloved in our community, and being perfectly honest that scares me. I don't want to be the one who doesn't like it. Let's be honest, no one wants to be that one reviewer who doesn't like a beloved book. Even though we all understand that in this community we all have different opinions, and I am proud that I am always honest with my opinions. Still I still don't like being the odd man out.

The Chemist It is no secret I LOVED Twilight. Like many others, Twilight got me back into reading as a teen. So When Meyer came out with The Chemist I was excited and scared. I haven't heard too many people talk about this book so I wonder if everyone is in the same boat. Meyer had such an impact on me when I was younger, I would be heart broken if The Chemist didn't hold up to my expectations. 

Lady Renegades I LOVED Rebel Belle! It was everything I could ask for in a fun read. This book had action, comedy, lovable characters, and a good plot. The second book in the story while still entertaining fell a little flat for me. When this book came out, I saw reviewers I trust not happy with this book at all. While I do always give a book a fighting chance, the reviews were not good. I am just simply afraid to have this series end on a sour let down note. 

Tower of Dawn Lastly I end with a book that I think most people are afraid to read. Don't get me wrong, I will be running to the stores the day this book is released, but I may stare at it for awhile before actually cracking it open. 
The twist that happened in the last TOG book has me on such edge that I don't want to read anything in this world till I know certain people are okay.
I am a choal fan I always have been, but I don't know how I feel about him have an entire book to himself. I am curious and hesitant to see how Tower of Dawn will hold up on it's own without our other beloved characters. I feel like it's a tad cruel to have us all read this book, and leave us on the cliff we were left holding on to from Empire of Storms.  I am holding on the the fact the Maas has never let me down so far, so hopefully she doesn't start now!

Those are a few of the books I am hesitant to read. I would love to hear from you guys, and see if we have any of the same books on our list, or some of the same reasons. Leave me your thoughts in the comments.