Auto Buy Authors Good or Bad Habit?

We all have those auto buy authors. You know the authors that are so freaking talented that you are going to buy their books without even having to know what the book is about. For example my auto buys are Sarah J. Maas, Wendy Higgins, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Josephine Angelini, and those are just a few! I think having auto buy authors are great! I mean it is amazing to find authors that are so talented they never do wrong, but I have started to have a problem with that. My problem is I have been sticking just to those authors. I have not been branching out much. I went to Apollycon which was AMAZING, but I realized there were so many authors I didn't know. I read the same authors and while that is great, I just wait for their new books to come out and I never truly branch out. 
While I will continue to love and keep my auto buy authors, I am going to start working on branching out. I also want to start branching out in genre. While my heart and most of my reading will stay YA reads, I want to start reading more adult as well. 

Here are a few authors that I have been recommended and I have ordered or already bought their books. 
  • Kristen Ashley I was specifically recommended her Wildest Dreams (Fantasyland #1) 
  • Alexandria Bracken: OH MY GOODNESS I met her at Apollycon and she is seriously the sweetest person ever! She was so genuine and asked all kinds of questions. She really wanted to get to know people and That meant so much to me. I received an ARC of Passenger, but bought it as well because she was so sweet I had to support her! 
  • Alison Goodman I bought her book Eon
  • Katie McGarry I bought her Pushing the Limits 
  • Paullina Simons: New friends that I was lucky enough to meet at Apollycon could not stop talking about The Bronze Horseman 
  • Susan Dennard: I watched an interview with her in it, and she seemed so genuine and her books sounds interesting.  I bought her Something Strange and Deadly and Truthwitch. I have started her Trurthwitch book and I am loving it! 
  • Garth Nix: I want to start his Abhorsen series. The fist book is Sabriel. At Apollycon SJM talked about her this book inspired her way of writing and it of course was immediately added to my TBR. 
I have already started some of these books, and I plan on reading most of them soon since I have a week off next week. Let me know your author recs and I will add them to my list. Also let me know how you feel about auto buying and if it messes with your reading habits. 
Happy Reading Y'all,