Tea Talk: YA Christmas Books, Mood Reading, and Teaching

First of all, I am so happy to be back! As some of you know I have been reading ALOT of children lit for one class.....and when I say a lot I mean 18 books in 3 months. I also had to nit pick them all, write lesson plans for them, and then teach on some of them. While teaching is such a blessing and a gift, it is also beyond time consuming. Since my blog is mostly on YA books I did not want to fill this blog up on teaching ideas on children books.
Although, if every now and then you want a feature on children books that I liked and did not like, let me know and I can make it happen!
Now, on to the good stuff! I feel like this is the time of year I get to read a lot. Thanksgiving break, Christmas breaks, snow days etc. During this time of year I get into mood reading, but my mood seems to not fit a category YA can help me with. I get in the mood to read CHRISTMAS books, winter romances, warm happy books that take place during winter. Basically I want a Hallmark movie in YA book form. Yes I have read "My True Love Gave to Me", and I LOVE the short stories, but a girl can only read it so many times. I have ventured out and read adult Christmas books, and the books have been okay, but they are missing the YA feel I love.
Why do you think there is not many YA Christmas books? I understand that culture and religion play a roll, but that has not stopped the children and adult categories from publishing multiple Christmas books. Obviously there are some amazing YA authors who do not have a problem writing Christmas books, since there were 12 VERY popular authors who wrote short Christmas stories in "My True Love Gave to Me."
So what am I suppose to do when I cannot fix my mood, because there are not many Christmas YA books to read? Am I missing some great YA Christmas books that are not on my radar? If you know any great FLUFFY YA Christmas books then please share! Am I the only one that wishes there were more Christmas reads for us YA book lovers?
So in a nutshell, here are the questions I have for you; Do you want a feature on here about children books, if so what specific things would you like to see on the feature? Am I the only one that gets in the mood for Christmas YA? Lastly, do you know of any great, fluffy, YA Christmas reads that you can share in the comments below?
I cannot tell you how great it feels to be writing on here again. I have truly felt like a piece of me was missing. These past few months have shown me how important this blog is to me. So do not worry I will not go on a break from this blog again, I am back, and not going anywhere =)
Happy Reading Y'all,