Tea Talk: Christmas Gift Guide for Everyone in Your Life

Today I am going to recommend gifts for everyone in your life. Of course as book lovers, we want to give books to everyone! Sadly, not everyone gets excited about reading as we do, but we refuse to give up! Here are a few gift suggestions for the readers, and nonreaders in your life! PLUS I will give you ideas on packaging ideas that will be a hit!

For the political obsessed person in your life and/or history nut.
I have given these books to: Grandparents, father-in-law, history teacher, and my neighbor who is in the air force. BTW: My neighbor hates reading, and he finished these books in a month!


For the Newlyweds
Packaging: Put all items on a cute serving tray. The couple can enjoy a morning or brunch in bed discussing their love languages. All you have to do is wrap the serving tray in clear wrapping and tie it with ribbon. 

This book shows the different types of love languages there are. Trust me, this book is helpful. It has the couple take a test and see which love language they speak. This shows their spice how their loved one feels love. It gives examples that truly help. My husband and I can both say this book has helped our marriage on so many levels. This is my go to gift for newlyweds.


You can find Mr. and Mrs. cups EVERYWHERE. 

You can find this tea at Walmart and most grocery stores. Nothing is more romantic than Paris! The couple can enjoy a nice cup of tea while discussing their love language. 

For the Reader who Loves Action 
Packaging: Pair the book with their favorite caffeinated drink and candies. They will not be able to put this book down till they finish it. 
This book is a HUGE book. It takes place in outer space. This book is beyond original. It is in the form of files, recordings, etc. You feel like you are part of the CIA trying to figure out a case. 

To this day, this is still my favorite Jennifer L. Armentrout series. This book have me all the feels, and I cannot rave about it enough. Plus this book is ALWAYS cheap. On Kindle it is normally $4.00, and I have never seen it priced any higher. 

Chick-lit Lover 
Packaging: Instead of using regular wrapping paper, put items in a bad, and use sparkly tule as the paper peaking out of the bag. 

Add a cute girly mug. You can find mugs everywhere. You could write a cute quote from the book on a mug, and follow instructions on pinterest for a cute DIY project. 

Special Man in your life 
Packaging: Put the items in a box. Then print out a picture of the super hero logo of your choosing. Tape the logo to the box. Then wrap the box in wrapping paper, covering all the box BUT the logo. 
Even though this book deals with more of a anti-hero idea. Your man will want to save the day while reading this book. 

Target has all kinds of super hero socks! My husband wore some on our wedding day! I know it sounds weird, but I always called him my superman. He even wore the S under his tux, and yes I have pictures =) 

Coffee Table Books 
Packaging: Put all items in a basket. Add coffee and mug, candles, cookies, and/or anything else that you would imagine that person putting on their coffee table 

 With this one you could add a notepad labeled 'BUCKET LIST" If it is for a couple add a couple of pens, maybe a bottle of wine, and tell them to plan their ultimate getaway. 

They have to have something to cuddle up with. If you want to go the extra mile, get them an electric blanket throw! I LOVE mine and there is nothing better than snuggling up on the couch with a good book and heated blanket! 

These electric tea kettles look SO FANCY, but they are actually really cheep. You can find this one at Walmart for around $15.00!!!!!

These are not your average bookmarks. These bookmarks have LED lights, timers, and more. You can find these specific ones at Barnes and Noble.

Fuzzy socks are a must! You can normally find fuzzy socks or slippers at a great price at Walmart. 
Candies are always fun. Find candies and foods that will be easy for them to snack on while reading. 

I hope this gift guide helps. I worked REALLY hard on this one, and I hope it shows! Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments, I cannot wait to hear your thoughts =) 
Happy Holidays and happy reading Y'all,