I know this list is kinda long but I am telling you some GREAT books are on sale right now! I couldn't put all the books on the list because there are so many that this post would never end. I did YA book since that is what I review mostly, but if you click on the links you can see the entire lists. I have actual books, nook books, and audio books.
  • Fire HD 7 They are saling the Fire HD kindle for $109 and it is normally $139!!!!!
  • Amazon is doing 30% off any book with a coupon code for cyber Monday!!!! ANY BOOK!!!!
  • If you have a nook they are having HUGE sale going on RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW PEOPLE 
There is a lot more if you have a nook you can just go to the category that says Teen Bestsellers Blowout Sale.
I use Audible as I have talked about before and they are having some great sales too going on RIGHT NOW and this sale continues till December 2. These are just a few they have PAGES AND PAGES of books on sale right now!!!!

and I saved the best for last because if you read my blog you know this is one of my FAVORITE books ever!!!!!!
Alright guys let me know what you think of these crazy great sales! Let me know if this helped you and if you got any of the books!!!!! If you guys like these kinds of posts I can start doing monthly sale deals just let me know =)