Valentines Day Date Ideas for Book Lovers

I am so excited to start my Valentines series today! I have so many ideas centering around books and Valentines day. The first post in this series of course if date ideas. This way it gives you time to plan and save up!

First I have to use my husbands idea!


Last year for Valentines day he surprised me with a Harry Potter themed "Prom" When I walked in there was a owl balloon with a note attached with it. The note was asking me to prom, and told me to change into a nice dress. When I got to the closet he had instructions telling me to go to the basement when I was ready, and the pictures tell the rest of the story.
He made the recipes from the Harry Potter cookbook. He also had brooms and wands. 

This had to be my favorite part. Nice and simple but so creative and added the perfect touch! 

  • Rewrite a story: If you both are into a certain book talk about different ways it could had ended. Grab a big pot of coffee or tea and just sit there discussing it. You do not have to actually write it. Just talking to one another and seeing how the other ones mind works can be fun and fascinating. This isn't a every day topic so you may be surprised to see how creative the other one may be. 
  • Fan fiction: If the ideas are pretty interesting that you and your partner came up with, and one of you likes to write than why not make fan fiction and post it online! It will be fun to see how many likes your fiction gets, and it could lead to a new hobby for you two to do together. 
  • Pick a book that takes place in a part of the world that you would both like to travel to. Go to the bookstore and get travel guides and plan a future trip together. You can always start a Pinterest board and google if you do not want to go out, because lets face it, EVERYWHERE is crowded on V-day and it can be stressful.
  • Pick books out for one another and wrap them, because who doesn't like to open presents? You can set a price, genre, author, etc. You can make it as easy or creative as you like. Once you pick out the book, get a small gift that goes along with the book. 
  • Recreate a romantic scene from a book
  • Donate books together: Donate old books, or go to your local bookstore and pick out children books. Take the books to local school libraries.
  • Check out your local indie bookstores: Alot of indie bookstores work hard just to keep their doors open. One way they do this is by having social events. Your local bookstore may have a V-day special going on. I know of some that are having wine and book events! 
  • Have a book themed dinner 
  • Make bookish themed drinks together
  • Read a book together that has been turned into a movie. Look on goodreads for top rated book to movie adaptations and see what appeals to BOTH of you. Once you have the book decided pick a date to have the book finished. Have a nice dinner planned, and maybe add some of the foods mentioned in the book, if there are foods mentioned. talk about the book over dinner and then watch the movie. 
  • Book signing: I understand that there probably is not any book signings on v-day BUT you can always celebrate your love on a specific day. There are many YA book signings going on in February such as ApollyCon I know that there is a waiting list, but Chris and I signed up for it, and we got tickets within days! It is worth the chance trust me! 
  •  Dress up: Dress up as your favorite character. No, you do not have to go crazy! You do not have to wear a cape or blades to channel your favorite character. Most characters will wear something simple or maybe an outfit that catches their love interests eye. Choose that outfit to be inspired by. 
  • Book themed board games: There are so many different types of book themed board games to choose from. You can find some at Walmart, Books-a-Million, Barnes and Noble etc. 

I hope that these ideas inspire you to have a book themed Valentines day! Let me know what you think of the ideas, and if you have any ideas to add PLEASE add them in the comments below. As always if you are a new follower please let me know, it always makes my day! I hope you are having a wonderful day =) 
Happy reading y'all 

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