Tea Talk: Are You a Good Closer?

I haven't written a Tea Talk in a long time, and I really miss them!
So today I want to ask are you a good closer? What I mean by that is when you have a series you LOVE and the last book FINALLY releases do you read it right then or do you wait because you cannot stand thinking your beloved series will come to an end?
My personal experience is this, I get all excited I bog about the last book coming out on my Waiting on Wednesday posts, and I talk non stop about the book. Then the book finally releases and on that day I normally go and get the book as soon as I can! I start reading it, and then about 6 chapters in it hits me, I'm not ready! I'm not ready for my beloved series to end! No more adventures with the characters that have become friends I have to say goodbye. Sure I can reread the book but we all know it isn't the same. (Don't get me wrong I still reread my favorite books) Then the anxiety hits, what if this amazing series ends horribly? Many times the book I waited so long for, will sit on my shelf for months before I find the courage to read the last book in a beloved series.
 Here are some series that I have been having a hard time with reading the last book
* I know this isn't the last book in this series but I LOVED the first book so much my expectations for this books is BEYOND high, and that scares me*
So are you a good closer or are you like me and find finishing a series too much to take sometimes?
Let me know if the comments below! I really hope I'm not the only one who finds anxiety in ending
 a great series.
Happy reading yall,